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Should Christians Vote Left or Right?

Presupposing God’s Will or Providential Balloting? Election cycles run a course that neither trim the runner nor inspire the spectator. Instead, our minds become overcome with campaign slogans, media rhetoric and political jargon that wear out the public and drag the contenders through the proverbial mud. Have you ever considered how effective is the American election process? Does it really vet the candidates and are the voices of the people really considered fully by the process’ end? It is the ultimate battle of: he said, she said. Every election year Americans grow......

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How Would Jesus Vote for President?

Jesus Christ’s message was concerned with the government of nations. Christians are those who follow Christ, here’s what He would do. The presidential campaign is on full blast in the United States. The issue of survival of the nation will fall squarely on the shoulders of the next president. Other important elections have recently occurred or will occur shortly, in other nations around the world. World war threatens to explode in The Middle East and other “hot spots” Frightful nuclear war! War that means the annihilation of civilization. The world this......

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Can the existence of God be scientifically proven? Where did the first LIFE come from? Can we know whether God possesses MIND power? [pdf-embedder url=””]  ...

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